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Collectible Tubes

4 collectible old vacuum tubes- Klystron 2K25, NOS 6BM6A, RCA RED 5693 and 913


Tube Lot Radio Tube Collection Vacuum Tubes Audio Tubes TV-7 A/U Hickok 600A




115 Electronic Tubes. Awesome Collection Tung Sol Dumont GE HYTRON RCA SLYVANIA


Tube Collection - RCA Telefunken Mullard 12ax7a 6V6GT Black Plate 6L6GC 12au7a


Reduced price - Collection of vintage vacuum tubes


LOT 25x NOS mixd ALL SYLVANIA vacuum tube collection ELECTRON TUBES radio tv amp


Vintage Raytheon Type 79 Tube 4 - Pillar w/ box NOS ? - collectible not tested


Pair, Cunningham C 301-A Radio/Audio Amplifier Tubes, Brass, Tipped, Rainbow


Vintage Collectible Electron Tubes LOT of 4 RCA SYLVANIA RAYTHEON MADE IN USA


(2) Sylvania Victor type 45 Audio Tubes Tested GOOD! Clean! Black Plates!


European WWI brass base tipped globe vacumm tube with good filament looks NOS


(2) P Q's made by Amperex 6922/E88CC exact date code twin triode audio tubes


LOT 20x NOS mixed ALL RCA vacuum tube collection ELECTRON TUBES 12SL7 12F5 GT ++


Vintage and collectible Ken-Rad 6SN7 GT blackglass tube -Tested


Lot of 101 NOS/NIB Vacuum Tubes Tested Lot F-200


c. 50's Sylvania Vacuum Tube Audio TV Advertising Repair Shop Lighted Clock


2 Blue Fultone 201A Vacum Tubes Blue ! ! !


CX345 Cunningham type 45 globe vacuum tube in original box and tests good


VFD 6 Tube Clock Encased in Clear Lucite Working Fine Steam Punk Nixie Style


(4) Rare Globe Radio Tubes - GOOD! Engraved Bases DeForest Audion Sparton Philco


Two Single Plate Tube V9 V10 Triode Power Cossor PX4 ? Display & Collection Only




Big Triode DET25 GPO CV1645 Post Valve In Box Of VT. 38 Antique Collection Tube


Arcturus blue glass 099 UV99 vacuum tube with open filament. Beautiful display!


Pair (2) Marconi RVC 6L6G Vacuum Tubes , Vintage Radio Amp Valve Part Tested (8)


Rare Tall Pair 6SN7W Sylvania Nos Tube's B5 Matched Code's Excellent Vt-231 B65


RCA World Map 2 collectible rare display boxes for No 809 vintage vacuum tubes


Philips EA53 Probe Tube for HP NOS/NIB


Vintage Western Electric 300B Premium Electron Audio Tube for Collection


Lot Of 6 RCA CRC 1625 VT-136 Power Tubes Tested Strong


Scarce Unused Collectable Old Tube Type 4647 Philips Holland Jumbo 4 Pin RARE


2, Western Electric WE 216-A tubes, matching pair, 216A for 7A/14A amplifier


Brimar Cathode Ray Tube Type D14/170GH CRT , Vintage Radio Test Equipment Part


Two (2) Motorola 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes , Vintage Radio Amp Valve Part Tested (5)


6 Sylvania RCA GE 2E26 Vacuum Tubes Tested Strong


Lot of (2) NOS RCA JAN 6D6 Radio/Audio Tubes NOS/NIB ST Shape Military


Eye tubes - Display Tubes EICO 6M-E5 Pair. 100% NOS


Nos Pair Rca Victor 6SN7GT / VT-231 / 6sn7 Tube's Year 1949 Matched Excellent!


(4) 6X5GT Full Wave Rectifier Tubes by GE & RCA TESTED OK! Black Plates! Clean!


5 RCA 6AN8A Vacuum Tube Disc Getters Matching Codes Tested NOS NIB